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"Musicals aren’t written, they’re rewritten” is an old theatre adage meaning that many changes are usually made during the rehearsal process, before the production officially opens.  This could not be more true.  Most often creators of musicals and plays become their own worst enemy when they get too close to a project to make objective creative decisions.  

As an independent producer  with extensive experience in developing new work alongside creative teams, we can be an objective voice in the developmental process - a process which, if not managed carefully, could continue forever and become extremely costly. 

Some of our previous works have sprung from conversations on Whatsapp, movies, newspaper clippings, fiction and from eavesdropping on adjacent tables at restaurants. 


Our objective is to develop ambitious new works for the stage that speaks to the human condition in a most entertaining way.  We love to collaborate with like-minded theatre makers and practitioners across the creative sector who are passionate about their craft and story-telling.

We have also launched an annual playwriting contest to identify and create a platform for new voices, mentored by stalwarts in the South African theatre industry.

For more information or to get in touch to discuss your new production, contact us here.

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