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"I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change" 

for the 21st Century.

A brand new musical about falling in (and out of love).

This hilarious 4-person musical comedy takes a closer look at the ups and downs of dating.  With a wonderfully crafted pop-like score, the production resonates with youngsters

Ever feel like you’ve been thrown into a pool of millions of potential partners, but nobody has taught you how to swim? Growing up, we learned about long division and how to recite the periodic table but adulthood comes with a whole host of challenges that we are totally unprepared for. Nobody taught us the art of adulting, like how to do our taxes, how to resolve conflict or how to date like a f*#$ing grown-up! As the title suggests, How to Date like a F*#$ing Grown-Up is a guide to the do’s and don’ts of modern dating – with a little more emphasis on the don’ts! We’re not saying we have the answer, heck, we’re not even saying you should listen to our advice, but we’ve got a few pertinent and potentially hilarious tips for finding, or keeping, that special someone!


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Male Lead | Tenor | Any Race | Early 20s to mid-30s

A tender-hearted, gentle guy, desperate for a meaningful romantic relationship.  Self-conscious and slightly goofy.  Looking for genuine connection. 

Female Lead | Strong Mezzo Belter | Any Race | Early 20s to mid-30s

Intense and passionate.  In a relationship with Logan to begin with, but we witness that fall apart.  Strong personality, and may have been too domineering in their relationship. She has a soft, sensitive nature that only gets revealed when she feels safe and secure.


Male Lead | Tenor with strong Falsetto | Any Race | Early 20s to mid-30s

In a committed relationship, but maybe holds that idea loosely.  Hiding from his own pain and baggage, and it manifests in some hurtful choices.  Ultimately lonely because of the walls he puts up to protect himself.

Female Lead | Strong Belter with Soprano-esque tops | Any Race | Early 20s to mid-30s

Just looking for love however it comes - open to anything and everything.  She goes through the wringer, from terrible dates, to game shows, to solo missions, she leaves no stone unturned in her love-quest.  The eternal optimist, maybe too much so.  Wonders if she’ll ever find love.


2 Male Characters

2 Female Characters


Cast can be expanded to include more characters.





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